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    Boric insists shelved tax reform bill will be implemented by end of July

    Mar 19,2024 | DAXTROMNSOLAR

    Presidential candidate Gabriel Boric of Chile has expressed his determination to reinstate a tax reform bill that was put on hold, ensuring its implementation by the end of July if he is elected. The bill, which had been proposed by the current government, aimed to increase taxes on the wealthy to fund social initiatives and address inequality in the country. Boric's pledge to revive the bill highlights his commitment to promoting more equitable economic policies and reducing the wealth gap. 
    In my opinion, the shelved tax reform bill is an essential step towards creating a fairer society in Chile. By increasing taxes on the wealthy, the bill aims to redistribute wealth and provide funding for social programs that can uplift and support disadvantaged communities. Boric's insistence on implementing this bill is a promising indication of his dedication to addressing inequality and promoting social progress.
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