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    Sprott and Hanetf launch copper miners ETF focused on lower carbon footprint

    Feb 11,2024 | DAXTROMNSOLAR

    Sprott and Hanetf have collaborated to launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that focuses on copper miners with a lower carbon footprint. This ETF aims to provide investors with exposure to companies in the copper mining industry that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.
    Copper is an essential metal used in various industries, including renewable energy technologies. However, the mining and production of copper can have a significant carbon footprint. This new ETF seeks to address this issue by selecting copper mining companies that prioritize sustainability and employ practices to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
    The ETF will track an index created by Solactive AG, a German index provider, to identify companies actively working towards lowering their carbon footprint. The index will examine factors such as energy efficiency, renewable energy usage, and emissions reduction initiatives within the selected copper mining companies.
    Investors interested in supporting sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in the copper mining industry can now do so through this ETF. By investing in this fund, individuals can contribute to the transition towards a greener economy while potentially benefiting from the growth of the copper mining sector.
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