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    OMERS and APG to Purchase Dutch Meters Business Kenter in $764 Million Deal

    Mar 14,2024 | DAXTROMNSOLAR

    Canadian pension fund OMERS and Dutch pension fund APG have announced their joint acquisition of Kenter, a Dutch meters business, in a deal worth $764 million. The purchase is set to be finalized by the end of 2023. Kenter provides smart meters and related services for the energy market in the Netherlands. This move demonstrates the ongoing interest of pension funds in investing in the renewable energy sector. It also highlights the growing importance of smart meter technology in enabling energy efficiency and sustainability.
    [Opinion] This acquisition reflects the increasing momentum in the renewable energy market, with pension funds recognizing the potential and value of investing in clean energy solutions. The smart meter technology provided by Kenter aligns perfectly with the global shift towards sustainable energy practices. With smart meters, households and businesses can closely monitor their energy consumption, optimize usage, and reduce wastage. This not only benefits the environment but also helps customers save on their energy bills. Overall, this acquisition is a positive step towards a greener and more efficient future.
    Product Summary: Daxtromn Power is a versatile inverter that integrates a solar controller, inverter, uninterrupted power supply, AC charger, and solar charger. With MPPT technology, it allows for the prioritization of solar energy as the primary power source for homes, with the grid serving as a backup. It also offers remote configuration and monitoring capabilities. Its multiple functionalities make it an excellent tool for home energy storage and management.
    Product Link: [https://daxtromn-power.com/products/special-offer-daxtromn-power-2xmppt-140a-160a-on-grid-off-grid-10kw-10.2kw-pure-sine-wave-inverter-with-charger-dc-48v-230vac-daul-pv-in-put-a-2-output-100000w]
    Additional Advantages: The Daxtromn Power inverter is equipped with MPPT technology, which ensures maximum solar energy harvesting efficiency. By using solar power as the primary energy source and the grid as a backup, it promotes energy independence and reduces reliance on traditional sources. Moreover, its integrated monitoring and remote management capabilities offer convenience and flexibility for users. Overall, it is a valuable asset for sustainable living and cost-effective energy consumption. 
    [Product Summary Translation]
    Daxtromn Power是一款功能丰富的逆变器,集成了太阳能控制器、逆变器、不间断电源、交流充电器和太阳能充电器。采用MPPT技术,它允许优先使用太阳能作为家庭的主要电源,市电作为备用。它还提供远程配置和监控功能。其多种功能使其成为家庭能源储存和管理的良好工具。
    [Product Link Translation]
    [Additional Advantages Translation]
    产品的其他优势:Daxtromn Power逆变器配备了MPPT技术,确保了最大限度的太阳能获取效率。通过将太阳能作为主要能源和市电作为备用,它促进了能源的独立性,降低了对传统能源的依赖。此外,其集成的监控和远程管理能力为用户提供了便利和灵活性。总体而言,它是可持续生活和节能的宝贵资产。
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