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    US May Face Cash Shortage by June 1 Without Debt Limit Hike: Treasury

    Mar 23,2024 | DAXTROMNSOLAR

    The United States may experience a shortage of cash after June 1 if the debt limit is not increased, warned the Treasury. The ongoing political impasse over raising the debt ceiling puts the US government at risk of defaulting on its outstanding obligations, including paying salaries and benefits to federal employees, funding various programs, and making interest payments on its debt. Without the ability to borrow, the US government will have to rely solely on incoming revenue, which is not expected to cover all of its expenses. This could lead to severe disruptions to the country's financial system and have far-reaching consequences for the economy.
    My personal opinion on this matter is that the US government must take prompt action to increase the debt limit and avoid a potential cash shortage. Failure to do so would not only impact the functioning of the government but also have detrimental effects on the overall economy. It is crucial for policymakers to put aside their differences and prioritize the financial stability of the nation.
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