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    TotalEnergies Confirms Previously Announced Iraq Deal, Shows Commitment to Middle East Expansion

    Mar 27,2024 | DAXTROMNSOLAR

    TotalEnergies, a French multinational energy company, has confirmed its commitment to a previously announced deal in Iraq. The company is moving forward with its plans to invest and expand in the Middle East, despite the challenges posed by the region's political and security issues. The deal aims to enhance Iraq's electricity infrastructure and support its economic development.
    TotalEnergies' decision to proceed with the Iraq deal demonstrates its confidence in the potential of the Middle East market. By investing in Iraq's energy sector, the company not only strengthens its presence in the region but also contributes to the country's sustainable development.
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    With its remote settings and monitoring capabilities, homeowners can conveniently adjust and monitor their energy consumption. The device's built-in AC charger and solar charger further simplify the management of household energy needs.
    Overall, DaxtromN-Power offers an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective solution for home energy management. By prioritizing solar power and providing backup power when needed, it empowers households to embrace renewable energy and contribute to a more sustainable future.
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