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    Solar energy is used on a large scale for electrolytic aluminum in China

    Jun 20,2023 | Daxtromn power

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    Recently, the second phase of the 300-kilowatt DC connection test demonstration project of the Kunming Yangzonghai Green Aluminum Industrial Park Green Smart Energy Demonstration Project supported by the core technology provided by the Academia Sinica was successfully put into operation. Wu Zhiquan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yunnan International, Zhang Zhengji, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Lu Zengjin, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunnan Aluminum, and Wei Yi, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Yunnan International, jointly witnessed the operation of the project.

    This project is currently the first test project in China where photovoltaic DC power is directly supplied to aluminum smelting production, which means that a major breakthrough has been made in the direct connection of photovoltaic power generation to electrolytic aluminum production and electricity consumption, and will provide experience and demonstration for domestic green power conversion and new power systems.


    Chinese electrolytic aluminum companies mostly use large power grids to supply power to electrolytic cells, and the power conversion links are many and complex, resulting in serious power loss. Based on this, driven by the demand of Yunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yunnan International has taken the lead and joined hands with the research and development of DC micro-grids. The Academia Sinica of the application work jointly conducted an in-depth study on the DC busbar project of the photovoltaic DC direct supply cloud aluminum electrolysis production line.

    Academia Sinica, Yunnan International, and Yunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd. analyzed and discussed the test plan and implementation path for many times, and repeatedly demonstrated and tested the safety and protection measures of the test system. The safety of the electrolyzer finally realizes the successful operation of the project.


    The project covers flexible DC equipment integration, DC microgrid system protection, and main control access design and application support. ), use this device to connect the photovoltaic module strings through the photovoltaic intelligent DC combiner box, and then connect to the DC aluminum row of the electrolytic cell through the DC cable, and the output voltage follows the DC bus voltage of the electrolytic cell. Realized the electrolytic cell and photovoltaic DC interconnection power supply and distributed photovoltaic on-site consumption, reduced the power loss in the process of inverter and rectification, improved the level of renewable energy utilization and energy efficiency in the electrolytic aluminum industry, and provided a major contribution to the electrolytic aluminum industry Customers directly supply green electricity to provide technical support and serve green development.

    As the technical supporter of DC power supply for this project, Academia Sinica has completed the technical layout of DC microgrid related research and development and application, and built the first DC microgrid simulation and analysis platform of SPIC, which has the ability to solve DC microgrid related technologies and Complete system solution.

    During the construction of the project, the project team of Academia Sinica quickly responded to the needs of the owner and the project unit under the conditions of tight time and heavy tasks, formulated a distributed photovoltaic DC access technology plan and implementation plan, and deeply participated in the development of core equipment. Installation and commissioning work. Academia Sinica will work with Yunnan International to continue to promote the research and implementation of key technologies for distributed photovoltaic DC access in the green smart energy demonstration project of Yangzonghai Green Aluminum Industrial Park in Yunnan Aluminum, and continue to forge ahead in emerging industries such as the development and construction of new power systems .